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Career Cop Launches Self-Defense Products Website, says “It’s Personal”Breaking News from bluelifestories.com

During my long career as a Police Officer, people often asked me what they can do to protect themselves and their loved ones from criminals, predators, angry mobs or anyone who would try to attack or harm them.  Non Lethal Devices is my way of answering those questions with effective and affordable tools that ANYONE can use to discourage or stop a violent attack.  Living in fear doesn’t have to define your life, even in today’s chaotic social climate.

We offer a full line of self defense products that YOU can use effectively, right out of the box.  No need for years of study to learn Karate.  No need to buy expensive firearms and the major training commitment and liability that come with lethal force options like guns.  Even if you DO regularly carry a gun – it is always prudent to have an array of less-lethal tools at your fingertips.  That’s why cops have all that equipment on their duty belts – OPTIONS!  

Take a look at our products and a whole new world of self defense choices opens up for you.  Get what you need today so that YOU can take positive steps to protect yourself and your family.   My own family members carry the same products that you can purchase right here.  nonlethaldevices.com is my way of making sure good folks can protect themselves until police can get there to help.  Together, we can handle criminals and predators.  Take action.  Order now, and give yourself the edge that can protect those you love and keep them from becoming victims.  Walk confidently with Non Lethal Devices – We’ve got your back!